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27 March 2020 @ 08:00 am
The early stuff on this list is on LJ only. I may move it across at some point, but not right now.

If you're reading this post on LiveJournal and can't find a link to the LJ version of a story try this post. I'm in the process of unifying master lists but while its ongoing not all links are going to be in here.

If you are looking for anything as PDFs, EPUBs, MOBI or whatever then nearly all these stories are available at A03 where you can download them in a number of formats. Where they're not available at A03 I'm gradually including links to epub versions. PDFs and other formats are probably available on request.

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Others: CSI, Babylon 5, NCIS, Cold Comfort Farm, Warehouse 13, Buffy, Ladyhawke, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Queen's ThiefCollapse )

Transformative Works: I can't imagine being anything but flattered should someone want to take some of my work and remix it, podfic it, create graphics for it or any other transformative work and would be delighted to hear about it (either before or after) - I mean, unless you are using it for Nazi propaganda or something equally offensive. The only caveat would be if you are taking some of my original fiction and trying to make some kind of profit from the transformative work in which case I would definitely like to be consulted beforehand.

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19 October 2014 @ 06:16 pm
Fandom: Primeval
Title: In the Pub
Characters: Not specified
Word Count: 100
Challenge: 389
Rating: U

The ARC team drank with the close-knit solidarity of those who shared an all-consuming secret, and with the fervour of people who weren't sure they would live into next week.

Frankly it was a wonder nowhere had banned them. Somehow though, just as the inhabitants of the Forest of Dean closed around its secret, the locals closed around the ARC. Journalists were politely, but firmly, sent packing; a table was always waiting for the team on a Friday evening; and when they turned in black with someone conspicuously absent from thier midst; rounds were bought and no questions were asked.

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17 October 2014 @ 09:48 pm
Fandom: Primeval
Rating: 12
Characters/Pairings: Claudia/Nick, Cara/Kermit (OCs)
Length: 5,113 words

What is this?: The nights are beginning to draw in and all the Christmas exchanges are about to get underway so it seemed logical to go lookng at Primeval Secret Santas past. This story is from 2012 and was written for me by the inestimable fredbassett. It's a gentle tale of Nick and Claudia spending a weekend in the country. The star of the show is Kilpeck church which fred imagines as a ruin.

The Moon at Even by fredbassett

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12 October 2014 @ 05:40 pm
Fandom: Primeval
Title: Reach for the Stars
Characters: Connor, Lester
Challenge: 388
Rating: U
Word Count: 100

The magnetite cage was bolted to the floor of the spacecraft. Connor fussed around the technicians but Lester could tell that everything was, in fact, ready.

"This going to hold the wormhole anomaly thing?" the minister asked.

Lester nodded. "That's the idea sir. The cage will cause it to move with the spacecraft while the other end remains here on Earth."

The minister nodded sagely. Lester doubted the man understood the science any better than Lester. Then again, such understanding wasn't necessary. The potential value of instantaneous travel between Earth and Moon and, if this was successful, beyond was clear.

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10 October 2014 @ 07:30 pm
General Stuff:

I love plot, world-building, romance, close friendship, imaginative AUs, inspired crack and character vignettes. I try to make recs on this journal and you can find them in my tag list under fandom:rec tags (e.g. doctor who:rec etc), stories I've bookmarked but not recced yet can be found in my pinboard favouritefic bookmarks. Hopefully that will give some idea of the things I like reading which is a somewhat wider category than the things I write (though feel free to explore this journal - I tag obsessively so just explore my tag list, though it must be said I've not written a lot of Dr Who fanfic even though it is my oldest fandom).

You can also find my reviews of Doctor Who episodes on [personal profile] purplecat.

While I have read both non-con and torture fic that I've liked/appreciated, in general a heavy emphasis on pain and fear tends to squick me so I would avoid. I don't object to these things happening or being back-story but I'd rather they took place off stage unless there is a really good reason the full description needs to be in the story. Similarly I'm often happier, if there is sex in a story, if it happens off-stage. I'm also dubious about relationships with large power imbalances e.g., big age differences, teacher/pupil, employer/junior employee. This obviously means I often tend to side-eye Doctor/Companion ships though not all, by any means, and there are always stories that can sell a power imbalance to me.


River and Benny. I've read fics where River and Benny are the same person, and fics where they meet but one of them has the upper hand. I'd really love to see a meeting of equals and, of course, I love to see them have a proper Indianna Jones style improbable archeology adventure together! I suspect watching them both get drunk in a bar would be pretty amusing too.

Ian and Barbara. I ship Ian and Barbara (does anyone not?). I like the maturity both of their behaviour and of their relationship. I'll happily read more of their adventures with the Doctor, or what happened next. I'd love to see them being both happy and awesome in their future lives. Maybe they run the support group for ex-companions and carry on looking out for them like they did for Susan and Vicki and basically helping all these distraught people carry on afterwards.

Ian and Clara. Ian Chesterton: Chairman of the Governors - I definitely saw that on the Coal Hill Sign in the 50th anniversary episode so obviously. Would love to see Clara encountering Ian. Given Clara's desperate desire to cover up her adventures how will he react (does he notice? if not, how does it come to his attention?) will he try to persuade her to stop or support her? Will they have a mad adventure of their own repelling yet another alien attack on Coal Hill without the intervention of the Doctor? How do the rest of the staff react to Clara's sudden closeness with the Chairman of the Governors? How does Danny react? How does Ian react to Danny?

Clara and Danny. I also love Clara and Danny's relationship. Doctor Who seems to have developed a bit of a thing about the companion's boyfriends and the Doctor's dislike of them Mickey, Rory (initially) and now Danny. But Danny is the first to seriously push back and who absolutely doesn't want to go travelling through time and space. But I like the fact that he's not going to try to stop Clara doing that. Does she write to him when away? Does he get weird postcards at odd times from Clara's adventures? He's not ashamed of his past as a soldier, but he seems glad to have left it behind. What if he found himself in a situation like the Doctor did in Family of Blood? Would he let children be turned into soldiers or would he try to find another way. How would Clara react to that kind of dilemma? How would the Doctor react if he were there? But if you don't want to write anything too heavy, how about just seeing Clara and Danny having a quiet date for once, maybe something Christmassy, given the season.

Five and Nyssa. I have a huge soft spot for Nyssa of Traken even though, in many ways, she's was the least interesting character in her TARDIS team. I think, perhaps, because neither she nor the fifth Doctor were particularly brash they had a kind of subtle communication going on, they could sometimes be quite short with each other. We're now used to the idea of the companion as the Doctor's conscience, someone who keeps him in check, but I think you could do something similar with Nyssa and the Fifth Doctor. At least I think it would be something interesting to explore. It would also be fun to read something after she left, where she has to summon the Doctor back to Terminus to help her.

Five and Clara. And the impossible girl. One of the weaknesses of the Impossible Girl plot was that the Doctor appeared to have been unaware of Clara until his 11th incarnation. It would be great to see the Fifth meet her (well any of them, but the fifth is one of my favourite Doctors). Is it too fleeting for him to remember? does something happen to make him forget? Does she make him forget somehow?

Feel free to mix-and-match my prompts and characters if the whim takes you. Please also feel free to ignore my prompts and write something else you think I might like.

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10 October 2014 @ 06:30 pm
Fandom: Eagle of the Ninth
Rating: General Audiences
Characters/Pairings: Marcus/Cottia, Esca, Cassius
Length: 20,425

What is this?: [ profile] bunn writes lovely detailed Rosemary Sutcliff fic which capture the sense of landscape I've always associated with the originals. In this story, set several years after the end of Eagle of the Ninth Marcus Aquila once again finds himself on a mission beyond Isca Dumnoniorum. This time, though, Cottia gets to play a larger part in the proceedings.

The White Hare by [ profile] bunn

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05 October 2014 @ 01:37 pm
Fandom: Primeval
Title: Tall Tales
Word Count: 100
Characters: OCs
Rating: U
Challenge: 387

Tomorrow the traveller would leave the last settlement. The ever growing monster and dust-filled wastes would not be crossed easily, but she needed to be on the far side.

"Tell us a tale," they said.

Her gaze fell on Jestyn, who asked too many questions and poked around in the machines that remained from before.

"I do not often tell this tale," said the traveller. "My mother told it to me and it came from her father. It purports to be the story of the beginning of the end. Once upon a time, there was a man named Nicholas Cutter..."

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03 October 2014 @ 10:45 am
Fandom: Primeval
Rating: 12
Characters/Pairings: Becker/Jess, Abby, Connor, Matt, Lester, Emily
Length: 9,670 words

What is this?: This is a Becker/Jess fic written from Becker's POV. Jess has a boyfriend and Becker takes the situation increasingly badly. He makes something of a fool of himself, but clea's writing somehow prevents him coming across as a totally unsympathetic jerk, despite the fact he's eating both feet with extra sauce. The ending hints at a timey-wimey resolution but doesn't specify. There's a suggestion that a sequel might appear at some point.

Louder Than Words, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 by clea2011

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28 September 2014 @ 03:10 pm
Fandom: Primeval
Title: Odyssey
Word Count: 100
Character: Danny
Rating: U
Challenge: 386

Danny Quinn had stood on the shores of a Cambrian sea, gazing out over the stromatolites. The land was dry and barren but the water was full of promise.

He had sweated through Carboniferous swamps and dry Permian desert. He had skirted Pleistocene ice fields and swum, somewhat cautiously, in the Silurian sea.

Danny had watched a group of arthropods scuttling amid the Devonian plants and realised he was viewing some of the first land animals.

However, he had to admit, there was nothing quite like the strong mug of builders' tea someone handed him when he finally got home.

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26 September 2014 @ 05:04 pm
Fandom: Dune
Rating: Teen and Up
Characters/Pairings: Paul/Chani/Irulan
Length: 24,166

NB. Couldn't find a credit for this stunning image. It is possibly an existing Dune book cover.

What is this?: It was years since I'd read a Dune novel when I read this, so my understanding of the details of where it diverges from canon are a little hazy. It feels very true to Frank Herbert's books and his style of writing, but it pulls he focus of that original story away from Paul and places it on Irulan instead. In process it gives a far larger role (than basically that of a passive pawn) to her and, similarly, to Chani.

Empress of Sand and Water by [ profile] Sheeana

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